Writing Confidence: Ten tips for my teenage self

I’ve been writing since I grabbed a pen off the kitchen table and wrote about my doll’s adventures, but it was high school where I really started writing. I started to write fanfics about my favorite shows and my friends really enjoyed it. They asked for more stuff and I got enough confidence to make more storylines. My confidence grew to the point where I felt comfortable putting my stuff online. I was feeling pretty good, until I got a couple of comments that wasn’t very constructive. It happened offline too. I knew I had a lot to learn, but I didn’t know about the writing world online or offline that those comments knocked my confidence down. Along with my anxiety on top of teenage and school stress my confidence lowered to the point where I stopped writing around my senior year.

I didn’t pick my writing back up, until my sophomore year in college. Around that time I convinced myself that writing wasn’t for me, but I got some good advice from a new friend who told me to keep going. Since I couldn’t get better, if I stopped completely. When I started writing again I noticed that it helped my anxiety. This may sound cliché, but it did feel that a missing piece of me came back. I fell much better after I started some original things, like my serials, along with fanfics again. Though I hated that I let my confidence fall that low that I thought of some tips I would give my teenage self and kids one day. You know, if they happen to be writers too.

  1. Don’t let someone change your mind about a genre. If there’s a genre you like, write it. You’ll feel much better than trying to listen to someone else.
  2. There’s nothing wrong with writing fanfiction. A lot of great authors did it and you shouldn’t feel bad about it.
  3. Carefully chose who you give your writing too. Everyone doesn’t have your best interests at heart.
  4. Don’t let others try to change your story.
  5. If you start to get anxious, take a break and come back to it later. You can always come back later.
  6. Don’t be afraid to write that idea you think is too weird. It may end up being a story you love.
  7. Don’t be afraid to read fantasy out in the open.
  8. Try to finish what you start.
  9. Carefully chose who you work with. That person may try to stab you in the back and take your idea.
  10. I know you think you may run out of ideas one day, but you won’t. There are so many things in the world to write about, you’ll never run out.

I’m feeling better about my writing than I have in a long time. I still have a bit of anxiety over finishing something, but I’m getting better at that.

Is there any piece of advice you have about writing?

What you would you tell your teenage self?


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