Do you know how to plot?

One of the problems I ran into when I started writing original fiction was plot. I didn’t know which plot worked or if I was using the same thing I had read countless time before. I could start out with a small thought like character A falls for character B, but I knew that there couldn’t be no conflict. However, I couldn’t figure out if the conflict I picked sounded to unrealistic. Another thing I had problems with were plot points. I couldn’t think of one that worked with my characters.

I’m having this problem now with my current story that I’m trying to fix. It’s on my page called New Home. It’s a paranormal romance story. I know about the current trend in paranormal romance, but it’s still my favorite genre. Anyway one of the things I’m stuck on is the plot. I’ve gotten as far as the standard werewolf looking for a new start and a witch trying to make it on her own, but I don’t where to go.

Do I have the fail safe character vs enemy? Do I have character vs nature? Can the plot be about the characters trying to figure how to live with each other? I’m always so lost when it comes to plot.

I tried writing a story that didn’t have plot once, but I scrapped that idea. Then I tried an overarching plot and I got so overwhelmed that I didn’t finish it. I think that since I’m starting to write original stuff I should start with a small plot then introduce a bigger one along the way. A story needs a plot right? Even if it’s a small one like will character A find their dog.

What’s your favorite type of plots? Do you like long ones or short ones? How about ones that continues through multiple books?

Do you think plot is necessary for a story or can it survive on it’s own without one?


4 thoughts on “Do you know how to plot?

  1. The plot is extremely necessary for a story. Actually, I’m kind of facing the same problem as you’re facing. I’m right in the middle of my original story. I know how the ending’s going to be but I am just stuck at this spot where I have no idea how to go on. The smallest action from the character can alter the complete story.

    • I think that there has to be some plot in a story even if it’s not one of those overarching plots. That’s true a character’s action can change what happens in a story. I changed something while planning my story and now it’s different than what I originally planned. Good luck on you story and thanks for commenting!

      • Thanks! Yeah, me too. It’s my fifth rewrite on the story because every time I got to the middle, I changed my plot and had to start over. Good luck too on your story! 🙂

  2. No problem and I know what you mean. I’ve been planning and re-planning my story for a while now. I’m sure I’ll find something soon. I hope I do. XD Thanks!

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