What’s easier? Finishing or Starting

One of the things I have problems with as a writer is finishing what I start and resisting the urge to start something new. I’m sure my anxiety has something to do with this because once people start reading my stories, I get so nervous about them not liking it that I always stopped after chapter ten. I would go on to start something new, even if I liked the story or planned the ending. It’s the same reason why I have problems finishing a story. I know that all stories have to end, but my problem lies trying to find an end. I have so many stories that I know I can finish, but I always have a problem when it gets to the ending.

I wonder why it’s always easier to start something, but harder to finish it. For me, the problem lies in making the story interesting. Will people enjoy it? Is there something I can do to make sure people check out my story among the others that are out there? Then there’s always that one question that makes me stop: Will the ending fall flat? I always tend to think that since I have such a strong beginning that my ending is going to be the same. I know I’m supposed to push past that, but my anxiety likes to kick that up so I end up not finishing anything.

I’m changing that now though. I started working on little things like drabbles around 100 words and finishing them. From there I increased the word count and started to finish that, until I finished a story of around 50,000 words. I think the easiest part for me is starting it. I can start a lot of stories and I can work with them to the middle too. I just have to learn to start finishing what I start. I wonder if other authors have problems starting stories, but can easily finish them. Or can they work the middle out, but the ending is difficult.

What is it for you guys?

Can you start or finish?


2 thoughts on “What’s easier? Finishing or Starting

  1. For me, I can’t seem to start my stories. I know exactly what is going to happen, but I can never start it because the first and last lines of a story, or a novel, are the most important in my opinion.

    How I deal with it is I first procrastinate, and then I get people to give me a deadline because I work well under pressure. I don’t know why, all of my creative juices just seem to flow when it happens.

    I advise you to persevere and know that not everyone is going to like what you write, but what about your intended audience? If someone from there goes up to you sand says, “I love your work and I will buy every book you release because you’re one of those authors for me.” Then it’s worth it even though the ratio is 3:1.

    It’s how I feel about the issue, but I wish you the best and send a push for you to finish what you start.

    • I agree I think the first lines of a novel are important too. It can draw the readers in and make them look for more. I’ve tried deadlines and while it does work I end up procrastinating until the last moment and I finish it, but it’s not the way I wanted. I’m better at giving myself little deadlines like 500 words a day or finishing a scene or editing a piece.

      Yeah I have to remember that. I have some people who have given me such lovely comments and it helps me to keep going.

      Thanks for your insight! Thank you! I wish the best for you too. 🙂

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