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What do you enjoy about the paranormal?

After I checked the poll, it looked like many people liked the paranormal genre, so I’m curious. What do you enjoy about the paranormal? I’ll go first and list three of my favorite things about it. One of the first things I like about the paranormal genre is the chance to write creatures in our world or put them in another setting. Would a vampire fit in well with humans? Would a creature have to follow the laws in our community or would they make their own? When I read paranormal books like the Broken Heart series by Michele Bardsley, a series I highly recommend, one of my favorite parts about that series is the ways vampires work with other creatures like werewolves, faeries, and the like.

Another thing I like about the paranormal genre are the variety of creatures. A story can have a vampire that’s not trying to drink too much blood or a werewolf that has a problem transforming during the full moon or a faerie trying to live among humans. There are so many different creatures from different places of origin to put in various situations. One situation could be a vampire trying to deal with the turn of the economy. Another could be a winter creature trying to solve a feud between another group of winter creatures, then there can be a faerie being friends with a human. There are so many more creatures out there and so many different storylines that I love looking for them. Although I do love a good vampire or werewolf story, if you know any let me know!

My third, but not last thing that I enjoy about the paranormal genre is having another way to explore different topics in the world like racism or sexism. There’s the classic feud between werewolves and vampires, then there are faeries who are trying to live in a world that has problems accepting them. I always found it easier and less depressing to read about that with creatures and see how their solutions for it. Though whenever I read paranormal I like to escape in it a bit. Instead of being a struggling college student dealing with my looming debt I can think about being any of the creatures I’m reading about. It feels good to read a problem being solved in a few volumes with a nice little bow sometimes. I can never say no to a happy endings.

So those are my three things. What are yours? Do you like to escape in paranormal? Do you have a favorite creature? Any favorite series?

I’d like to know.


What’s your genre?

Everyone has that favorite genre that they like to read or write in. For some people that’s horror, for others it’s adventure, but for me it’s romance. My favorite genre to write in is romance. There’s nothing better to me than reading about how two people fall in love. I’m not talking about romance with a billionaire CEO, if that’s something you like that’s fine, but that’s not my favorite type of romance. Some of my favorite stories are two friends that fall in love with each other, high school romances, two people that just met, a person who didn’t expect to fall in love, and the list goes on and on. I end up spending most of the book wondering if they’re going to get together. I may not like some of the trends in paranormal romance, but it’s still one of my favorites.

I tried to write in other genres, but it didn’t work for me. When I tried writing a crime story, I had a romantic subplot so I changed it to a detective falling in love on the side while he worked on his case. Next, I tried to write a horror story and the same thing happened. The pattern continue with each genre I tried that I decided to focus my attention on romance. I found that it was easier for me to write a romance story. I think it’s because I’m a romantic at heart. I still like other genres like fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and realistic fiction, but I found that genre easiest for me to write in is romance. I would like to see more romances with different types of couples and lifestyles though that’s a story for another day.

So, what’s your favorite genre or genres to read and/or write in? Now with a poll!

Do you know how to plot?

One of the problems I ran into when I started writing original fiction was plot. I didn’t know which plot worked or if I was using the same thing I had read countless time before. I could start out with a small thought like character A falls for character B, but I knew that there couldn’t be no conflict. However, I couldn’t figure out if the conflict I picked sounded to unrealistic. Another thing I had problems with were plot points. I couldn’t think of one that worked with my characters.

I’m having this problem now with my current story that I’m trying to fix. It’s on my page called New Home. It’s a paranormal romance story. I know about the current trend in paranormal romance, but it’s still my favorite genre. Anyway one of the things I’m stuck on is the plot. I’ve gotten as far as the standard werewolf looking for a new start and a witch trying to make it on her own, but I don’t where to go.

Do I have the fail safe character vs enemy? Do I have character vs nature? Can the plot be about the characters trying to figure how to live with each other? I’m always so lost when it comes to plot.

I tried writing a story that didn’t have plot once, but I scrapped that idea. Then I tried an overarching plot and I got so overwhelmed that I didn’t finish it. I think that since I’m starting to write original stuff I should start with a small plot then introduce a bigger one along the way. A story needs a plot right? Even if it’s a small one like will character A find their dog.

What’s your favorite type of plots? Do you like long ones or short ones? How about ones that continues through multiple books?

Do you think plot is necessary for a story or can it survive on it’s own without one?

What’s easier? Finishing or Starting

One of the things I have problems with as a writer is finishing what I start and resisting the urge to start something new. I’m sure my anxiety has something to do with this because once people start reading my stories, I get so nervous about them not liking it that I always stopped after chapter ten. I would go on to start something new, even if I liked the story or planned the ending. It’s the same reason why I have problems finishing a story. I know that all stories have to end, but my problem lies trying to find an end. I have so many stories that I know I can finish, but I always have a problem when it gets to the ending.

I wonder why it’s always easier to start something, but harder to finish it. For me, the problem lies in making the story interesting. Will people enjoy it? Is there something I can do to make sure people check out my story among the others that are out there? Then there’s always that one question that makes me stop: Will the ending fall flat? I always tend to think that since I have such a strong beginning that my ending is going to be the same. I know I’m supposed to push past that, but my anxiety likes to kick that up so I end up not finishing anything.

I’m changing that now though. I started working on little things like drabbles around 100 words and finishing them. From there I increased the word count and started to finish that, until I finished a story of around 50,000 words. I think the easiest part for me is starting it. I can start a lot of stories and I can work with them to the middle too. I just have to learn to start finishing what I start. I wonder if other authors have problems starting stories, but can easily finish them. Or can they work the middle out, but the ending is difficult.

What is it for you guys?

Can you start or finish?