Can a cast save the story?

If there’s one thing I love about a story it’s the cast of characters. I always find one character to love regardless of the plot. I know a plot is important to the story, but there has been a question on my mind since I started writing my own stuff. What kind of cast would make a good story? Would an all-female cast make the story better? How about an all-male cast? Would it make a difference? I enjoy cast of different kinds of characters, both male and female, it doesn’t matter to me. I’ve read books that doesn’t have a strong plot, plot is one of my weaknesses as a writer, but the characters are enjoyable. I wonder if characters could save a story. Would the type of characters matter to the storyline? Could characters help save a story if the plot was tanking?

There are some shows that I don’t like, but I love the characters. There are books where I don’t remember the plot very much, but I’ll remember the characters. Once I do, I can remember the books. I don’t know if I should like the characters without liking the book or the show. Then again, if the characters aren’t very good I won’t stay for the plot. I think the characters can change the story, but I don’t think that having an all-male cast or an all-female one would change it very much. It would add different perspective to a story and I’d like to see the way it could change a common story trope.

Do you think characters makes a big impact on a story?


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