Shall I call you a wambulance?

Another challenge piece for the Opinionated Man.

Is it me or are many topics in college handled with kid gloves?

Whenever I’m in class there are complaints about books being triggering. Don’t you think it’s triggering for me, an African American woman, to constantly have to read slave narratives? I don’t like reading them. I know it’s part of my history, my parents made sure I learned about it, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy having it pushed constantly in my face. I don’t enjoy the questions towards me about it as well, as if I know what happened during that time. However, if I were to mention how uncomfortable I am, I’m told it’s not that big of deal.

It is a big deal. Many times in college my classmates have asked my professor to change the topic if something heavy comes up like racism, sexism, and other similar topic. I thought the point of college was to express opinions about these topics with each other, not avoid them like we did when we were children. I understand that there are things in this world I don’t like to think about. Things I face in my daily life that I could do without, but I know it’s not wise to go into the world uninformed.

We’re adults in college, not kids in school anymore. We’ve come to the age where many things in the world don’t have to be censored. Yet many of my classmates want to stay in a protective bubble and I’m sick of it. It’s rarely that my classmates want to talk about anything that isn’t some celebrity or tv show. While those topics are fine, I don’t think we should forget or ignore the main topics facing our society. Nothing will be done if we act as if it doesn’t exist.

No, it isn’t fun. No, it’s not nice to think about, but it’s something we have to address.

College is the time to put on the big kid shorts and deal with it.


5 thoughts on “Shall I call you a wambulance?

  1. A wonderfully honest piece.

    The whole ‘triggering’ thing seems like a cop out to me too. I can’t comment in the US but I am descended from Irish immigrants to the UK.
    That you object to being shielded from potentially offensive material is noteworthy, and a credit to you. Its always your choice to read, see, hear.

    I came here via @harshreality

    • Thank you I’m glad you enjoyed it. I learned that as an adult I have a choice what to read and what not to read, but I know not to think something bad doesn’t exist because it does exist and it’s not good to ignore it. Thank you very much.

      I’ve always wondered is it similar in UK universities? I know in the US there has been a push for trigger warnings on works of literature that reflects the way the country operated at that time.

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