New Home: Chapter 12 part 1

Another small chapter today. As always with these will be visiting Will again next week.

Will rubbed his side as he thought about the doctor’s words. He knew something was up the night after the fight. He changed into his wolf form to heal faster, but it didn’t work. He tried not to panic so he swiped some bandages and ointment from his home before he left and hoped for the best. He didn’t have time to think too much about why he wasn’t healing. If anyone from his pack found him, he would have something worse to deal with.

Will sighed as he leaned back against the pillow. It wasn’t a good decision to challenge him, but I couldn’t stay quiet. Trying to take over other places when we barely have an area of our own is ridiculous. Still, what did he hit me with? He bit his lip as he tried to think about the fight.


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