New Home Chapter 9 part 2

Cassandra felt Robert’s eyes on her back as she replaced the sweets and helped Krista with the new ones. She knew it would be a problem when she hired him, but he needed a job. Robert, like her and Danny, had a dark magical class. He wasn’t in the Necromancy class, but he could control ghosts whether they were inside someone’s body or not. He knew ways to control someone regardless of their class. His family being one of the keepers over the books of curses didn’t help.

After Amulet received a new council, they blacklisted anyone in that magic class along with Necromancy. The council took it out of the acceptable classes. The resulting decision made things difficult for people in those classes. Such as finding a job, but that’s where Cassandra’s shop came in.

Her shop provided a place for magical people to find work when other places turned them away due to their magical class. However, it also provided another chance for Robert to be overprotective. Sometimes, he could be as bad as Daniel.

Cassandra bit the inside of her cheek as she placed the cookies in the oven. The eyes on her annoyed her, she couldn’t take it anymore. She placed her oven mitts on the counter and turned to Robert.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Robert grunted as he took the used pans over to the sink.

“Did Danny text you?” Cassandra asked. She wanted to roll her eyes at the silence that followed. Of course. “Look, you know the motto of the store we give second chances to anyone, including werewolves.”

“Are you sure we should have a werewolf here? We get a lot of vampire customers.”

“The runes are there to prevent any fighting. Besides, I haven’t seen them fight yet. I think we’re good.”

Robert shook his head. “I don’t think so. There’s something up with that guy, everything sounds too suspicious. Don’t you think there’s something not right about someone hiding an injury that severe?”

“I can remember someone who came to me with the same injury…” Cassandra trailed off as she looked at his arm.

Robert noticed and tugged on the sleeve of his shirt with his soapy hands. “That was different. I met the wrong wizards on my way here.”

Cassandra hummed as she checked on the cookies in the oven. “Is it that far-fetched to believe the same thing happened to him?”

Robert grumbled under his breath as he placed the pans back on the table. Cassandra closed the oven door and walked over to the counter. She leaned against the surface as she crossed her arms over her chest and watched him clean a nearby bowl. Something he did when he was trying to clear his mind. Robert placed the bowl on the counter by the sink and turned to her.

“Are you sure about this?”

Cassandra nodded. “I am. I’ll take responsibility if something happens.”

“Well, if it comes to that you know you have back up.” Robert grinned.

Cassandra smiled. “Thanks.” She turned to the clock and walked over to her apron. “Want to help me make some more cookies before the evening rush?”

“Yeah.” Robert nodded and walked over to the fridge.

Cassandra tied her apron around her waist and walked over to the sink to wash her hands.

Things went better than she expected. Things would be better if she could get Danny to feel the same way, but one thing at a time.


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