WVODH Chapter 2: David

Let me know if I’m doing anything wrong. Enjoy!

I heard my alarm clock, but ignored it. I hit snooze and turned on my side as I tried to remember the dream. It’s always the same dream where I’m at the annual Halloween masquerade and someone is waiting for me at the bottom of the staircase in the hotel. I don’t want to say that it’s something out of Cinderella even if it sounds like it. I blame the fairy tale book I read to my cousins yesterday.

Anyway, in the dream I’m ready to see the mysterious guy when my alarm goes off. It happens every time and it doesn’t stop being annoying. I turn back on my side to check my clock when my stomach drops at the time.

Shit, I’m late!

I jump out of bed and make a beeline to the bathroom. I knew it wasn’t a good idea to take the second shift, but my favorite tippers come around at that time. I’m not one to pass up easy money. One of the perks of being a bartender at the new demon owned Winchester Hotel. Demons tip big and they have a lot of questions about our world. I have no problems answering them if it means I get more money in my pocket.

Still, I can’t believe I’m late! I hope my vampire doesn’t get too angry. I keep forgetting that I have a second job since I moved back home to Detroit. I happen to be one of the unfortunate souls to be in New York when the recession hit. I need to stop watching Disney with Ashley before bed, anyway after I lost my banker job I moved back home. I miss having my own space, but I’m happy my parents let me come back home. I know not everyone has that luxury.

The bartending job isn’t bad, but I make my most money being a donor. One of the reasons I keep waking up at the wrong time. I finish in the bathroom and jog back to my room. I throw on an old t-shirt and pair of jeans. I hope it’s clean. I put on my earring, then my watch on the way down the stairs. I grab my keys off the hook in the living room and I’m on my way out the door when my mom stops me.

“Honey? Don’t you want something to eat?”

I turn around and go back to the kitchen to my mom at the counter in her robe. She smiles at me as she pushes her black, graying hair off her shoulder.

“I kind of don’t have time. I’m really late.”

“Are you sure you can’t have something to eat?”

I open my mouth to protest, but the loud growl from my stomach makes me snap it shut. My stomach has betrayed me again. My mom laughs and pushes a glass of orange juice in my hands.

“Sit down, I’m sure they don’t mind if you’re a bit late.”

I check the clock and shake my head at the time. I pull my phone out and send a quick message to Dana. I know she won’t like that I’m late, but I’m still getting used to my new evening schedule. It’s not long before Dana replies back to me.

Okay I’ll let him know that you’re late, but try not to be too late.

I sigh as I slip my phone back in my pocket. My boss did not like tardiness very much, I just hope that he won’t be too mad.

While I’m running through the list of apologies in my head, my mom puts a plate of food in front of me.

“You can worry about work later. I don’t want you to pass out again.”

“I didn’t pass out that much.” I mumble under my breath. I look up to my mom’s pointed look and quickly go back to my food.

My mom takes a seat across from me with a cup of steaming coffee in her hands. “So, how’s work? Have you met any cute boys at the hotel? No vampire is trying to pick on you again are they?”

I smile as I reach for my juice. My parents took my coming out much better than my jobs as a donor and the Winchester Hotel. Who knew?

“Everything is fine mom. No one is messing with me, especially since they know I’m friends with Dana. The hotel is doing well we’re getting ready for Halloween so a lot of people are visiting. That means more money for me.”

My mom frowns as she reaches over to pat my hand. “Well, don’t get too carried away again.”

“I won’t.” I learned my lesson not to be a donor to two vampires at two different hospitals.

I check the time again and try to finish my eggs, sausage, and toast as quickly as possible.

I really don’t want Dana to chew me out tonight.


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