Should I spread hurt to the story?

So I didn’t have a very good week. It’s great to work in the same major for like close to six years and be told that you’re gonna need 78 more credits to graduate. So as expected I’ve had a fantastic week dealing with the news and trying to get things back on track. While I was feeling awful I looked at my characters and wondered who I could inflict some pain on. Or if I’ve inflicted enough pain who should get something unexpectedly good happen to them.

I read many things that say put emotions in the story. Like write how you feel and I wondered if I should do that? Like place an unexpected thing and shake things up for everyone. Not Will and Cass yet (heh…heh…heh…) but for the other million stories I have sitting on my hard drive or on other sites. I have many things spread out that I’ll put on here one day, but I’m wondering if I should make my characters hurt like me or give them a really good time to work out my frustration. (I’ve done this many times before).

What do you all think? Do you all release stress the same way?


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