New Home: Chapter 9 part 1

Sorry for the short chapter again. Like Will we’re going to spend some time with Cassandra. Enjoy!

Cassandra returned to the shop after her lunch with Daniel and prepared for the afternoon shift. In the afternoon, many of their human customers started to trickle down while their magical customers started to come in. They wouldn’t get their Coven customers until late in the evening. Cassandra didn’t know what attracted the Coven crowd, but she didn’t complain.

She cleaned up before she joined Robert and Krista in the kitchen with the treats for the day. Her shop’s treats ranged from teacakes to brownies. They current had six sweets on the menu. She wanted to add more, but didn’t know if they could keep up if the number grew. Besides, making sure they had enough cookies and brownies throughout the day kept them busy.

While she stirred the brownie batter she thought about the best area to place Will. Cassandra wondered if he had any cooking experience. She remembered he mentioned wanting to brew coffee. If he had good people skills he could work up front with Eve and Amelia. They could always use another person.

She wondered if he had some experience fixing things. They could use another person to help keep up with the maintenance of the shop. She felt bad dumping most of it on Krista and Robert. Cassandra tried to figure out another place for Will, she didn’t notice that she continued to stir the batter.

“Cass, I think it’s stirred up enough.” Krista grinned.

“Huh? Oh yeah sorry!” Cassandra gave a sheepish smile as she handed the bowl to Krista.

“Are you sure you’re still with us?” Krista asked as she started to pour the batter into a nearby pan.

“I’m still here, just going through some things that we need to replace, that’s all.” Cassandra flashed a smile as she walked over to the pan of fresh cookies cooling on the counter. She could feel Robert’s eyes on her back as she walked with the pan to replace the cookies in the front. She hoped Daniel didn’t text him too much information.

She didn’t need anything else to worry about.


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