New Home: Chapter 8

Here is the second post of the day. It’s 11:20 over on my end sorry if it’s late everywhere else. Enjoy!

“Wait, I don’t get it why would she be mad that he took that stone? The guy was in her territory without her permission and she gets mad at that!” Will exclaimed as he pointed to the screen.

Frank chuckled. “In Amulet stones are very valuable. You get the right stone and it can make a difference in your magic. I take it in Coven things are settled with territories.”

“I don’t know about the other parts, but yeah werewolves and demons are really territorial. If someone tries to take a territory things can get ugly.”


Will nodded. “Yeah it can happen really fast too. Is it like that here?”

Frank hummed as he rubbed his chin. “Well, if someone takes a stone that is essential to someone’s magic and belongs to their family things can get out of control.”

Will nodded as he turned back to the screen. He didn’t think he would be so involved with the soap opera, but he didn’t want to look away. Frank filled him in with some parts and explained other things he didn’t understand. Will wished he had some paper to write down some of the things Frank mentioned. He didn’t know there were so many differences in Amulet and Coven. He hoped he could remember it in time for his next interview.

Cassandra flashed in Will’s mind as he toed the linoleum floor with his slipper. Would he make an even bigger mistake?

“Thinking about something?” Frank asked.

Will snapped out of his daze with a sheepish smile. “I was wondering is there any procedure when entering into a witch’s territory.”

Frank smirked. “I say try to settle in Amulet first before you go looking for a girlfriend.”

“No, no it’s not like that! It’s just, well, I’m going to be working in this witch’s shop and I want to make sure I don’t do anything wrong.” Will said quickly. He couldn’t deny that Cassandra was pretty. He remembered her eyes as she stared over him. They were so brown and filled with concern…

He shook his head. It made no sense to let his mind wander towards unnecessary things.

Frank chuckled. “Sure it is son. Well, if you see some runes hanging up in the shop don’t touch them. You don’t know what kind of spell they’re using it for and trying to break that spell may backfire. It could end up hurting the witch that cast it and you. Another thing, try not to disturb any stone they may have hanging up. Once again, you don’t want to disrupt that spell. Other than that as long as you respect her then you’ll be fine.”

Will nodded. “Okay, okay you see my first impression wasn’t the best so I want to make a better one.”

“Any impression will last.”

Will sighed. “Don’t remind me.”

Frank laughed as he settled against his pillow. Will frowned for awhile before he joined Frank. He didn’t think Frank would let him stay in his room for as long as he did, but he was glad he didn’t kick him out. Will opened his mouth to ask Frank another question when someone cleared their throat.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, but it’s time to go back to your room.” Stephanie said as she walked over to Will and gestured for him to get out the chair.

“B-But…I…” Will started when Frank nodded.

“Go on and get some rest, I’ll be here.” Frank said.

“You sure?” Will asked as he ducked from the silver shot that passed him.

Frank grinned. “Yeah, I’m sure.”

“Okay, see you later.” Will waved as Stephanie helped him out the room.

He felt better as he walked back to his room.

He couldn’t wait to visit Frank again soon.


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