Why I like Happy Endings

This is the first post of the day. The update to New Home will come later on in the afternoon. ^^

So when I’m sick I always think of so many things. I think it’s because I can’t get up and write that I think about everything and anything. So this time while I was sick I thought about happy endings (not those XD) the ones you find in fiction. I’ll say it, I like happy endings. I rarely read a book or story that doesn’t have one. Happy endings are my preference and I enjoy it alot. I guess my biggest reason for liking happy endings is everything is wrapped up and the parties involved are happy (for now), but still happy. An ending like that isn’t guaranteed in RL. Sure, you may end up getting the good side of the coin and having a good life, but it’s not guaranteed. At least if I know a story has a good ending that even after all the stuff that has been thrown the protagonist’s way it will work out in the end.

It’s a small comfort to know that even if I’m having a bad time or things are frustrating me left and right that my characters will have a happy time. You know after all the stuff I pile on them it makes me happy to know that even if it’s not a truly happy ending for some of my characters, it’s better than what they started out with. I’ve tried writing a sad ending and I don’t really feel right with it even if it fits the story. I have bittersweet endings too, but I do work hard to make sure that the characters get something good out of what happened.

I know that may sound naive and skeptic, but in reality nothing is promised. Even if you do everything “right”. At least a happy end can be promised in fiction.

Do you all like happy endings or would like a story to end on a sad/bittersweet note?


One thought on “Why I like Happy Endings

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