Nature…it’s not bad

Yesterday I took a walk around my campus something I haven’t done since I visited it with my dad when I was a little girl and it was great! I didn’t know how peaceful it could be to just walk around. Some spots scared me a little because I was by myself, but once I got over my fear I just enjoyed nature.

I like this time of year. It’s not too stuffy so my allergies aren’t acting up, the humidity isn’t messing up my hair, and the sun isn’t too hot so I’m not sweating. I like to look at the leaves changing and getting ready for winter. I do like summer because it’s hot and I don’t have to carry my coat and scarf to each class, but there’s something about fall that I enjoy.

I guess my attitude about nature has changed since I was kid. When I was little I couldn’t stand fall because that meant it was going to get cold soon. Now, I enjoy fall. It’s nice. ^^

What’s your favorite season?


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