Magic and Me

Hello new followers! Welcome aboard!  Today before my class I started thinking about magic and the paranormal. I’m sure anyone who’s reading New Home have noticed the mention of witches, wizards, etc., Along with romance, the paranormal is one of my favorite genres. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, I enjoy these things very much.

When I was a kid I used to imagine a world that wasn’t too different from ours. A place where vampires went to work and werewolves had to deal with transforming when they have a project due the next day. In English I was always the kid to go:

“How come vampires can’t work?”

“Do ghosts have a system?”

“Do werewolves shed?”

I always asked the questions, but didn’t get the answers I wanted. That’s when I started to read fantasy and other similar genres. I really enjoyed the idea of another world that used power we would only dream of. That was the inspiration behind Amulet. I wanted to make a world that was like ours, but anyone could go to it. Sure, there are some places no one can go to yet, like the Faerie community, but Amulet would be different. It would be the same as someone moving cross country from New York to California.

In Amulet there are many forms of magic. There is healing magic, luck based magic, Necromancy (the stigma behind it), magic that doesn’t fall on a certain scale, etc., Amulet is a community that now welcomes anyone with magical power (human or creature). It wasn’t that way at first, but I’ll explain that later.

I don’t want to fully give away anything yet.

I love magic. I do think that some magic still resides in the world.

Do you all feel the same?


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