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Nature…it’s not bad

Yesterday I took a walk around my campus something I haven’t done since I visited it with my dad when I was a little girl and it was great! I didn’t know how peaceful it could be to just walk around. Some spots scared me a little because I was by myself, but once I got over my fear I just enjoyed nature.

I like this time of year. It’s not too stuffy so my allergies aren’t acting up, the humidity isn’t messing up my hair, and the sun isn’t too hot so I’m not sweating. I like to look at the leaves changing and getting ready for winter. I do like summer because it’s hot and I don’t have to carry my coat and scarf to each class, but there’s something about fall that I enjoy.

I guess my attitude about nature has changed since I was kid. When I was little I couldn’t stand fall because that meant it was going to get cold soon. Now, I enjoy fall. It’s nice. ^^

What’s your favorite season?


New Home: Chapter 7

Cassandra hoped that Daniel’s favorite restaurant, Soups and Spells, would improve his mood so she could tell him about the beginning of her day. The soup shop wasn’t too far from her coffee shop and not too far from the Necromancy office. She picked his favorite booth by the window and gave him a coupon for his favorite soup. However, things didn’t turn out like she planned.

“What do you mean that guy fainted?”

Cassandra sighed as she stirred her New England clam chowder. It was her favorite, but it didn’t help her ignore the frown on Daniel’s face. Cassandra let the spoon sink a bit in her bread bowl before she looked up at him.

“I told you everything was alright. I got him to the hospital in time.”

Daniel shook his head. “Doesn’t matter, someone fainted and almost bled out in front of you.”

Cassandra bit her lip. “He called and apologized for it, though.”

 “How does that make things better?”

Cassandra shrugged. “He didn’t try to lie about it.”

Daniel sighed and stirred his tomato bisque soup. “I don’t like the way this sounds. I mean, why did he pass out? Did you know why?”

Cassandra nodded. “I do. He had slashes along his side and it looked like he tried to take care of it, but didn’t do a good job.”

Daniel’s eyes widened as he placed his spoon back in the bread bowl. “C-Claws? Cass! He sounds dangerous! Please tell me you’re not giving him a second chance.”

“Well, yeah, I am. I mean, we got a second chance it’s not fair if I don’t do the same.”

“It’s not the same as giving a wizard or witches a second chance.”

“That’s one of the reasons I opened my shop.”

“I know, I just want you to be careful that’s all. I want to know something. Was he wearing a pendant?”

“Yeah it was a moonstone.”

“Oh great, a werewolf, that’s what we need.”


“What? You know the rumors about werewolves. It looks like it’s true if the claws on his sides are any indication. Werewolves are unpredictable; are you sure you want him in the shop?”

“Yes I do. We welcome all to the shop, some of our best customers are come from Coven. I’m won’t turn anyone away if they want to work.” It’s one of the things I continue to use from healer training.

Daniel’s frown didn’t leave his face as Cassandra sat up in her chair and stared back with her own frown. One of the problems with having a headstrong sibling, they didn’t back down when the urge of winning a fight was near. Their staring contest lasted for a few more seconds before Daniel groaned and sat back in his seat.

“Fine, but I’m keeping my eye on him.”

Cassandra grinned triumphantly as she ripped off a piece of her bread bowl and popped it in her mouth. “I’m sure you won’t have to worry about him. Now, how did you day go so far?”

The Necromancy office opened two weeks ago and hadn’t seen much action except for a few fake tips. She wished she could help, but her shop was first priority.

“Albert is a nice addition to the office. He’s really helpful and I don’t have to worry about things mysteriously disappearing or anything. He’s very serious about being in Necromancy. He even dealt with a fake tip that ended up being real.”

Cassandra giggled. “What happened?”

“Well, Albert told me that the guys who called in the tip destroyed part of a home where a disgruntled ghost stayed. You know ghosts don’t like their homes messed with, so they had to get help from the losers they called.” Danny said with a smug smile.

“Serves them right. How did Albert do with the ghost?”

“He’s a natural. He took care of it and didn’t need me to intervene. I couldn’t believe it, this is actually happening Cass. Maybe we’ll get more people; at least I hope we do.” Danny said as he placed his spoon down by his bowl. Cassandra noticed the way his hands shook. Daniel always tried his hardest to use his brave face, but she saw through it. She knew he worried about Albert leaving and Anemone taking his funding away.

It wouldn’t be the first time it happened.

She reached over and patted his hand. Daniel looked up as Cassandra gave him a reassuring smile. “I’m sure you will.”

Daniel nodded. “Thanks.”

“Anytime, so did anything else happened today?”

“Yeah, it did.” Daniel returned to his soup as he told her about Albert’s newest partner, a ghost named Susie. Cassandra enjoyed her soup and listened to his story. It was good to see Daniel enjoying his job again.

Cassandra couldn’t deny that it would be nice to return to her original magic class. She missed her staff even if she carried it in her pocket every day. She wondered what it would be like to carry her staff out in the open again.


Magic and Me

Hello new followers! Welcome aboard!  Today before my class I started thinking about magic and the paranormal. I’m sure anyone who’s reading New Home have noticed the mention of witches, wizards, etc., Along with romance, the paranormal is one of my favorite genres. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, I enjoy these things very much.

When I was a kid I used to imagine a world that wasn’t too different from ours. A place where vampires went to work and werewolves had to deal with transforming when they have a project due the next day. In English I was always the kid to go:

“How come vampires can’t work?”

“Do ghosts have a system?”

“Do werewolves shed?”

I always asked the questions, but didn’t get the answers I wanted. That’s when I started to read fantasy and other similar genres. I really enjoyed the idea of another world that used power we would only dream of. That was the inspiration behind Amulet. I wanted to make a world that was like ours, but anyone could go to it. Sure, there are some places no one can go to yet, like the Faerie community, but Amulet would be different. It would be the same as someone moving cross country from New York to California.

In Amulet there are many forms of magic. There is healing magic, luck based magic, Necromancy (the stigma behind it), magic that doesn’t fall on a certain scale, etc., Amulet is a community that now welcomes anyone with magical power (human or creature). It wasn’t that way at first, but I’ll explain that later.

I don’t want to fully give away anything yet.

I love magic. I do think that some magic still resides in the world.

Do you all feel the same?

New Home Chapter 6 Part 2

Finished it this week. Next week we’ll be going back to Cass. Enjoy!

Will woke up a few hours later in a cold sweat. He placed his head in his hands as his nightmare flashed through his mind. His family dead all except his sister, but he didn’t want to think about the reasons Hamilton kept her alive. He sat up in bed as he pushed the dream to the back of his mind.

Damn it, looks like I’m not getting any sleep tonight. Will sighed and turned to the window. He grinned at the crescent moon in the sky. The moon always calmed him down; he figured being a wolf had something to do with that. Will leaned back against the bed and blew a strand of hair out of his face. He wished he had something to do. Maybe, he could explore the hospital a bit. He would be back before the nurse noticed.

Will eased out of bed and walked towards the door. He opened it and poked his head out, looking around for his nurse. When he didn’t see her he eased outside. The hospital looked the same as the hospitals in Coven except the lack of demons and similar creatures walking around. Well, he saw a ghost float down the hall, but that wasn’t too unusual. It could be the ghost of a doctor or nurse that didn’t want to leave the hospital.

Will made it a few steps down the hall when something silver caught his eye. He followed it down the hall and into a room.

“Well, something tells me you’re not my nurse.”

Will looked up at a man with black hair and brown eyes in the bed in front of him. He looked over at Will as he folded his hands in his lap. Will rubbed the back of his neck with a sheepish smile.

“Sorry, I was chasing this thing and I followed it here.”

“That thing was my magic.”

“Magic can do that?”

“I have a feeling that you’re not a wizard.”

“Uh, no, I’m a werewolf. Oh, I’m sorry, my name is Will. What’s yours?”

“Franklin, but call me Frank. So tell me why you are here?” Frank asked as he pointed to the chair next to him.

Will walked over and took a seat. “Um, someone tried to rip my side off. It wasn’t too bad, though.”

Frank chuckled. “Oh yeah that’s a small injury. How’s your side now?”

“Good I can walk without having to hold it. Um, what about you? Why are you here?”

“I went overboard with a spell so I knocked my magic out of whack for awhile. It’s getting a bit better, I think.”

Will ducked as a silver line shot by him. “Yeah, it’s settled alright.”

Frank laughed. “I said it was getting better, didn’t I? It’s only magic, it won’t hurt ya.”

“I’ll take your word for it.”

Frank smirked. “I didn’t think werewolves were afraid of anything.”

Will shrugged. “We hide things pretty well.”

“I see. So, what brings you here to Amulet? We don’t get many werewolves.”

“I, um, wanted to see what it was like.”

“Well, Amulet is a bit quieter than Coven, hope you won’t get too bored.”

Will dodged another shot of magic that passed him. “I doubt that will happen.”

Frank smiled and pointed to the tv. “Up there is a show from Amulet. Do you want to watch it?”

“I probably won’t know what’s happening, but I’ll do my best.” Will said. He turned to the screen as another flash of silver passed by his head. It looked like a standard soap opera with the woman yelling at the man for sleeping with her evil twin sister. Except he took her magic items without her permission, that part was new.

Will sat back as he watched the program.

He wondered if it would be hard to make it in Amulet. He took the first steps with his place and a job.

Maybe it wouldn’t be too hard.

My experience of doing a serial so far

First before I start hello everyone! Thanks for following or reading my story here. This is my first time doing a serial I have to admit I didn’t think I would be able to keep up with it, but I’m pretty happy that I am. I have to say I’m trying to write my chapters earlier, but I have some time after class so I try to finish it then too. I have to say taking on this challenge has helped me think seriously about writing.

I have so many unfinished things, but I guess that’s not unusual for a writer to say that. I always wanted to finish them and I think doing this serial has helped me. I opened a doc today I haven’t touched in two years intent on finishing it since I finished the outline last month. I have more things I would like to do too preferably in romance. That’s my favorite genre. ^^

I thought that I was moving the romance too fast, but I remembered that sometimes it’s good to take things slowly, but I hope I showed that they were interested in each other. I’m not sure how long this will go, but I have a few arcs planned and some side stories for people so we’ll see how it’ll go.

One of my favorite things to read is a slow building romance between two characters, but I don’t mind when things heat up quickly too. I wonder, what are others favorite type of romance?

If you don’t read romance, what’s your favorite genre?

I’d like to know. ^^

New Home Chapter 6 Part 1

Hello, I’m sorry this chapter is so short, but I just started university again and I’m pretty pooped. So this week and next week we’re going to spend some time with Will. Hope you all don’t mind!

Will placed the phone back on the hook and leaned back in bed. He felt good that he cleared the air with Cassandra. He knew it wasn’t necessary, but he liked it. However, now he had nothing to do. It was one of the reasons he didn’t like hospital very much. Still, if he didn’t get treated he didn’t know what would happen. He could hear his mom fussing at him and the disapproving frown on his sister’s face. A small smile appeared from the memory.

I didn’t think I would miss that. Will turned to the window and watched the clouds go by.

He hated that he had to leave without telling them, but he couldn’t put them in danger. He had to leave, he didn’t want to see what would happen if he stayed. He hoped he would have a home when he returned, if he could return. Once Hamilton had his mind set on something, it was hard for him to change it.

Will sighed as he touched his side. Still, it felt that he abandoned his family.

Will turned away from the window and tried to get some sleep.

New Home chapter 5

Cassandra was a creature of habit, going through her routine reaffirmed that. She didn’t like to have too many surprises throughout the day, although she knew that was impossible. Every day bought something new that she had to deal with in some way. It was probably the reason Will stayed on her mind. He interrupted her flow; it knocked her off of balance more that she thought.

 Cassandra saw someone hurt before, but she didn’t like to think about it. It brought back too many memories of people hurt, people she couldn’t save…

It wasn’t good to dwell on unpleasant memories about a time when she once thought about becoming a healer. Those thoughts wouldn’t help her situation. Cassandra didn’t know if she even had a situation or if she was blowing thins out of proportions. She sighed as she played with one of the charms in her reading room. Now that she wasn’t panicking she could think about the way he looked.

He was attractive she couldn’t deny that, he had an easy smile, nice arms…

Cassandra slammed the charm down on the table and shook her head. There must be something wrong with her if she’s fantasizing about a wounded man on her floor.

I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve had a date. She sighed and sat back in her chair. She almost disappeared in her thought again when the phone rang. She jumped, took a breath to calm down and grabbed the phone.

“Hello Rue Coffee and Readings, Cassandra Hawkins speaking, how may I help you?”

“U-Um…Ms. Hawkins?”


“Er it’s Will, the guy who passed out on your floor.”

Cassandra flushed, thankful that Will couldn’t see it. “Oh I see, yes, I remember you. How are you by the way?”

“Fine, the doctor said if I rest for a few days I should be fine.”

“That’s good. Um, I won’t be in trouble will I?”

“Unless you have claws, I think you’re good.”

Cassandra laughed. “I checked I don’t have any claws at the moment.” She bit her nail when Will chuckled at the other end.

“Let me know when you do. I can help you take care of them.”

“Sure thing.”

“I have something else to ask, if it’s not too much trouble.”

“You can do the interview again.”

“How did you know?”

“I do readings remember, not to mention it did get cut short.”

“Yeah I guess it did, so when can I…”

“Whenever you get out, let me know and I’ll set it up again.”

“Alright, thanks. Well the nurse is scowling at me, guess I should get off now.”

“I do have to get back to work.”

“Okay, well, thanks for the second chance. Ms. Hawkins?”


“I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright.”

“Thank you. Have a good day.”

“You too.”

Cassandra hung up the phone and sat sittback in her chair. He sounded very genuine. I haven’t heard someone apologize to me like that in a while. Was he actually worried? She slid her fingers through her hair and sighed in exasperation. It’s been a while since a guy apologized to her like that, like he meant it. It didn’t mean anything else.

Cassandra rested her head against her desk. She didn’t want her little routine broken up. She wanted to go to work, go home, listen to Daniel, hang out with Eve, and go to bed. She didn’t need something to stop it. Sadly, life didn’t work that way.

Cassandra looked at the clock and shot up in her seat.

Crap! I have to meet Danny for lunch! She got out of her seat and grabbed her purse on her way out the room. She almost bumped into Eve in her rush.

“Eve! I’m so sorry! Are you okay?”

Eve nodded. “I’m alright. Why are you in such a rush?”

“I told Daniel I would meet him for lunch. You all don’t need me, do you?”

“No, I just wondered if you were okay.” Eve said.

Cassandra smiled and patted her shoulder. “I’m fine, you go back to work. I’ll let Danny know how you’re doing.”

“Alright, see you when you get back!”

“See you.”

Eve smiled and walked back over to the café side. Cassandra watched her with a fond smile. Ever since she found Eve on her doorstop, the woman proved to be a good help in the coffee shop and around the house. She was a good roommate; Cassandra hoped she wouldn’t leave too soon.  With Eve in the other room, she checked her watch and walked out the door.

She hoped Danny would be in a better mood.