First Friday Fiction Post: Welcome to the Vampire Organ Donating Hospital

Hello, this is a story that will update on Friday. This story is about a Supernatural hospital for vampires, werewolves, etc., This arc will be about the vampires and their daily life in the new Supernatural city of Detroit, my hometown. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Vampire Organ Donating Hospital!

If you want to become a vampire come here and we’ll take your organs then we’ll change you. Because a human needs those organs more than you do. It’s a very simple procedure. We put you on life support, take your organs, and turn you into a vampire. Now we have fresh organs that will help people.

Tired of those kidneys? Don’t want your liver anymore? Well come to our happy establishment to rid yourself of those soon to be useless organs on your journey to immortality.

Friendly, happy, and well trained staff who cares!

Complimentary blood bank available after transformation!

We take lungs, kidneys, plasma, bone marrow, and any other organ you don’t want anymore!

Our highly trained staff will make sure that your journey is safe and as pain free as possible.

You’re saving lives on your way to immortality

Remember we kill because we care.


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