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New Home Chapter 4

The first thing Will noticed when he opened his eyes were the broom that passed his room. He frowned when it happened again. Then again, his mind was so fuzzy he could have imagined it. He leaned back in bed when the world started spinning again.

At least his side stopped hurting whenever he moved.

Will cracked an eye open when someone walked in his room. He couldn’t recognize the person in front of him. What if it was someone from his den? What if they found him? He wasn’t ready to fight anyone, but maybe he could get out before they could get to him. He tried to get out of bed, but the figure from the door walked over and placed a hand on his arm.

 “Please lay back down, sir.”

Will turned to the woman with dark hair and brown eyes and pulled his arm out of her grasp. “I-I can’t, I have to…um…work…job…interview?”

“Yes, yes I know you have to get back to work, but once you’re well enough to leave. You had some nasty injuries there, I’m sure it’s going to be some time before you can leave.”

Of course. Will groaned and sat back in bed.

She smiled and patted his arm. “It’s not too bad; you’ll be out of here before you know it.”

“Excuse me, um…”

“You can call me Nurse Johnson or Stephanie if you’d like.”

“Nurse Stephanie, do you know how long that will be?”

“I have an estimate of a week, but it shouldn’t be that long.”

Will nodded. He groaned softly as he tried to get out of bed.

“Do you need any help?” Stephanie said.

Will nodded and pointed to the bathroom.

“Okay, let’s go.” She helped Will get out of bed and walked him over to the bathroom. “I’ll be out here when you get out.”

“Alright thank you.” Will said and walked inside. Once he closed the door, he leaned against it when the floor started to move again. He opened his eyes when it stopped and tried to focus his thoughts again. He opened his hospital gown and looked at the bandages around his side and arm.

I must have got some good stuff I missed this. Will frowned and rubbed his arm. Being in the hospital would set his plans back, but it couldn’t be helped.

I won’t be here for too long one of the upsides to being a werewolf. Will pushed off from the door and shuffled over to the toilet.

Once he finished in the bathroom, he opened the door to Stephanie waiting outside. She helped him back into bed and checked the machines around him.

“Um, there’s no way anyone would know I’m here right?”

“No, not unless they visit you or we need to call someone on your emergency contacts.”

“Okay.” Will said. He rubbed the bandage again as he thought back to Cassandra and the worry on her face. He hated that look on anyone’s face.  

“Um, can I call someone?”

“Sure, we have that phone over there for you to use. Are you psychic by any chance?”


“Okay, just something that we have to ask. I need to check your vitals, please hold still.” Stephanie said. She pulled a small key chain wand out of her pocket and whispered a spell as the staff grew in her hands. She closed her eyes as a blue aura surrounded the staff. She moved it over Will’s body slowly while a nearby chart and pen took notes. The chart and pen returned to it’s place in front of Will’s bed as the blue aura disappeared and the wand shrunk back to size when Stephanie opened her eyes.

“Hmm, everything seems to be in working order. I’ll put in an order for some more pain medicine and the doctor will be here to see you shortly.”

“Thank you.”

Stephanie nodded on her way out the room.

Will looked at the phone next to him and debated if he should call. Would it be weird? Maybe she doesn’t want a call from someone who nearly stained her carpet. Still, I should probably apologize.

The look on Cassandra’s face appeared in his mind again along with a knot in his stomach. If he didn’t do it soon he wouldn’t be able to get it out of his mind.

He reached over and picked up the phone. 


New Home Chapter 3

Cassandra tugged on her black shirt as she paced the hallway outside her office. She couldn’t believe it. She only had one interview for the day and he fainted in her office. The blood that started to soak his shirt surprised her when she checked him before the healers moved him out of the office. She didn’t know what happened, but the fact that he fainted in her office shook her nerves a bit. She hoped Will was alright and the shop wouldn’t held accountable for it.

Cassandra sighed as she tugged her shirt again. Well today is starting on the right foot.

She took another breath and walked out into the front where her workers sat in the café side of the shop. Her workers varied from fellow witches to Sky demons to Water demons. Her shop was open to anyone from any of the communities that wanted a job or a cup of coffee. The runes and spells on the walls ensured that no one used their powers for anything more than an emergency.

Cassandra learned her lesson when a fight broke out on opening day. It almost grew out of control if Anemone wasn’t there to stop it.

Cassandra leaned against the nearest table and crossed her arms over her chest. “Um, sorry about the excitement earlier.”

A witch with dark brown hair turned her blue eyes over to Cass when she walked in. “Cass! Is everything okay? Why were the healers here?”

Cassandra nodded. “Everything is fine Amelia, the guy that was here passed out in the office a few minutes ago. I don’t know what happened, but it looked like he got into a fight before he came here. I’m wondering if we should close the shop for the day.”   

“Maybe we can close early. Are you interviewing anyone else today?” Amelia asked.

“No, I planned on doing the readings I have lined up and look over some things for the shop, but that’s it. Would any of you want to leave early today?” Cassandra said as she looked around the room. There were a few responses among the small crowd when a woman with dark hair and green eyes raised her hand as her wings fluttered lightly in the room.

“Eve, I told you, you don’t have to do that if you want my attention.” Cassandra said with a reassuring smile.

Eve gave a sheepish smile as she rubbed the back of her neck. “I don’t think we should leave early, but maybe you can check on the guy. Maybe you can let him take the interview again.”

“I’m gonna do that when he’s okay. I suppose I should call the healer and see how he’s doing.”

A Water Demon woman with red hair and green eyes frowned as the water sloshed around in her cup. “I don’t see why. It’s not your fault he passed out.”

“Krista, it still happened on our property while I was giving him an interview. I’m sure he’s pretty embarrassed about that and I should clear the air.” Cassandra said.

“Alright if you say so.” Krista said as the water slowed down in her cup.

“Okay, does anyone else have any questions?” Cassandra asked as she looked around the room.

“I do.”

Cassandra turned to the wizard in the corner of the room. He ran a hand through his blonde hair and turned his green eyes over to her. “Are you okay?”

Cassandra fought the urge to sigh again. Sometimes Robert reminded her too much of Daniel, she figured that was the reason they were such good friends. “I’m fine I didn’t expect to have someone pass out in front of me today, but I’m okay.”

She gave him a reassuring smile, hoping that he would drop the subject. Robert narrowed his eyes before he relaxed against the wall again. “Okay.”

Cassandra nodded and turned back to everyone. “If there are no more questions it’s time to start the day. I’ll put up a sign letting the customers know that we’re closing early today.” She walked over to the back room as everyone got up and talked amongst each other. She rummaged in the desk found a pen, paper, and scribbled a quick note. She walked back to the front of the store and almost bumped into her normal customer Alec when she opened the door.

“Sorry about that. I’m here to get my morning dose of coffee.” Alec said.

“Right on time, come on in.” Cassandra grinned. She opened the door and moved aside for Alec as more cars pulled up into the parking lot. Her normal routine was just what she needed to help with her day.

Still, she wondered what happened to Will for him to pass out like that.

New Home Chapter 2

Will didn’t sit on the stoop for long when Cassandra walked over and gestured to the door.

“Follow me please.”

He nodded and got up to let her unlock the door to the shop. He quickly looked at the documents in his folder and settled down when everything checked out. Will frowned at his t-shirt and torn jeans. He wasn’t dressed for an interview, but he didn’t have enough time to go through his clothes to find any of clean outfits.

He bit the inside of his cheek at the pain against his side.

If I can make it through this interview I’ll be fine. Will took a breath and rubbed his side.

Cassandra’s voice took him away from his thoughts. “Excuse me, it’s alright to come in.”

Will put on a professional smile and walked inside. It looked like a human coffee shop on the outside, but the flowers and charms displayed the magic on the inside. The charms and pendant around her neck confirmed that she was a witch. He thought she was a psychic from the ad. It asked for another barista, baker, and/or a tarot reader to work afternoon, evening, or late nights. He wouldn’t be able to do the readings, but he could make a cup of coffee.

Cassandra led him into an office in the back of the shop. She walked behind the desk and gestured for Will to take a seat in the chair in front the desk. He bit the inside of his cheek at the pain in his side when he sat down. He hoped she didn’t notice the grimace when he sat down.

“Hello my name is Cassandra Hawkins. I received your application in my inbox the other day and called back for confirmation. It’s nice to meet you Will.”

“Yes you did. It’s nice to meet you too. Do you need to see anything?”

“Just the documents I specified in the email to make sure everything is right.”

“Okay here you go.” Will slid the folder over to her. He resisted the urge to hold his side and looked around the room instead.

“Hey, you can calm down. I may be a witch, but I’m not going to hex you for the heck of it.” Cassandra smiled.

“Oh, right, sorry I’m a bit nervous.” Will gave a sheepish one back as he resisted the urge to wrap his arm around his waist. I can do this. Just a few more minutes and I can be in pain in peace.

“Take a breath, not everything that’s out there about witches are true.” Cassandra grinned and handed Will his folder. She reached for one with the name of the shop on it and passed it to him. “Everything checks out, welcome to Rue Coffee and Readings, where you can get a nice cup of coffee and a tarot reading all in the same day. I’m looking for another barista, baker, or reader. If you can do all three that’s great. If you can only do one that’s great too, as long as you can make it in during your days that’s all I care about. So what are you looking for?”

“Barista and baker,”

“Sounds good, are you allergic to anything?”


“As you know this shop takes people from the three communities Coven, Amulet, and Arcadia. We also take people from the human world and Eco the faerie community. Besides food, are you allergic to anything else?”

“Um, I’m a werewolf, but as long as there is no silver I’m fine. I can handle silver plated things, but real silver makes me feel bad.”

“Okay, is there anything else?”


“Alright, you can fill out these forms and will put you through.” Cassandra reached for another folder, but stopped at the frown on Will’s face. “Are you okay? You look flushed.”

Shit. Will nodded as he quickly wiped the sweat off his forehead. “I’m fine, just nervous that’s all.”

“Are you sure? I can get you a glass of water.”

“No, no I’m fine.” Will tried to wave it away as he gripped his side.

Cassandra shook her head and got out of her seat. “It’s no problem. You can always go home and we can reschedule the appointment for a later date.”

“No, no I can finish this.” Will gripped his side tighter as he breathed through his nose.

He had the fight with his alpha three days ago, but his side still bothered him. He knew his makeshift care wouldn’t last long, but he couldn’t go to the hospital. The longer he stayed in that pack the longer it would take to leave and he wanted to leave as fast as possible. Will had the things he needed at home. He just needed to get through his interview.

However, he didn’t get further than the floor. The last thing he heard was Cassandra calling for a healer before he passed out.

New Home: Chapter 1

“I think you should give him a chance Danny. If he sought you out then I think that’s a safe bet that he wants to be in the Necromancy program.” Cassandra said as she walked out the door. She smoothed her black shirt down before she fished her keys out of her blue jeans pocket on the way to her car.

“I know, I know, but it’s been three years since someone played that prank on you. Oh, something like that happened a few weeks ago, still I don’t think he’s playing a trick on you.” She got inside, put her purse on the floor of the passenger seat, and placed her phone on the charging dock. She hit the speaker button and turned to get her sunglasses as her brother Daniel’s voice filled the car.

“I can’t be too sure, though. I’m getting too old to be played like a fool.” Daniel said.

“You’re not even that old in magic years. You still look like someone in your mid-twenties.” Cassandra shook her head even though she knew he wouldn’t be able to see it.

“I don’t care. I-I just don’t want to get my hopes up just for them to be destroyed again. You know how people feel about Necromancy.”

“I do.” Cassandra knew all too well how people felt about Necromancy. She rubbed the scar on her tanned wrist before she started the car.

“Listen, I’m sorry I…”

“Danny, it’s alright, don’t worry about it. Now getting back to your new recruit, if Anemone said that he’s good then I think you should trust her. She did say she was going to bring the program back.”

“She’s part of the council. How can we take her word seriously?”

“I believe her. She did help me get my shop up and running.”

“That was a given though.”

“Not true. I didn’t have a chance until Anemone came along and helped me get the papers I needed.” Cassandra said as she turned down the main street of Chamomile. She stopped at the red light and drummed her fingers against the steering wheel while Daniel sighed. Cassandra could see him glaring at the paper, as if it offended him. She understood his hesitation. She did the same thing when someone applied for the shop.

“If he passed his practical, wrote a 15 page paper about the history of Necromancy, and knows the importances about keeping the balance between our worlds steady then I don’t think you have anything to worry about.”

“I guess so and he’s a pretty good kid. A bit clumsy, but his magic is top notch. Okay, I’ll give it to him. I hope I don’t regret this.”

“I don’t think you will.”

“Thanks. So, what’s on the agenda today?”

“Not much. I have a few readings to do and a few papers to look over, but that’s it. I’m hoping for a calm day today.” Cassandra said as she pulled up into the parking lot of the shop. She turned off the engine, grabbed her purse, and got out the car.

“I’ll let you know if I can make it for lunch today.”

Cassandra opened her mouth to respond, but stopped when she spotted a man in faded blue jeans and a red t-shirt, sitting in front of the door. He dug the toe of his gym shoe in the dirt and ran a hand through his short black hair. Cassandra didn’t sense anything malicious from him, but didn’t know if she could come to a decision so quickly. Daniel’s voice took her away from her thoughts.  

“I’m still here, it’s just, there’s a man sitting in front of the door. No, you don’t have to come here. Danny don’t!” She exclaimed as the line went dead and Daniel appeared next to her.

“You just had to teleport, didn’t you?” Cassandra sighed as she put her phone back in her purse.

Daniel shrugged. “Hey, teleportation doesn’t use much magic. It’s useful for emergencies like this one.”

“I wasn’t in trouble. I could have handled it.” Cassandra frowned and crossed her arms over her chest.

“It was an unfamiliar guy at the shop who looks like he’s been waiting on you all night. That doesn’t seem suspicious?”

Cassandra huffed. “Well, I–”

“Yeah thought so, look I–”

“What about the department?”

“Albert is watching it.”

“That’s not fair. A few minutes ago, you didn’t want to hire him.”

“I’m not going to be here for a long time, just until we know who this guy is.”

Cassandra glared. “Daniel.”

Daniel returned it with one of his own. “Cass.”

They glared at each other–it reminded Cass of their childhood fights–ready for the next point in their argument when a cough interrupted them. Cassandra turned to the man in front of her, noting the blue moonstone around his neck. She straightened up and put on her best professional smile. “Hello, can I help you?”

The man gave a nervous smile as he wiped his hand against his jeans and offered it to her. “Um, hi, my name is Will and I’m here for the job.”

Cassandra shook it. “Oh yes, if you’d like to wait by the door I’ll be right with you.”

Will nodded and walked back over as Cassandra turned to Daniel. “I can handle it from here. You go back to work and I’ll see you at lunch.”

Daniel didn’t look convinced as his eyes darted over to Will then back to Cassandra. “Alright, but I’m going to check back during lunch okay.”

Cassandra nodded. “Okay,”

Daniel gave her a quick hug and muttered the teleportation spell back to his office. Cassandra shook her head at the spot and turned to Will.

I suppose it’s time to start the interview. She walked over and gestured to the door.

“Follow me, please.”

First Friday Fiction Post: Welcome to the Vampire Organ Donating Hospital

Hello, this is a story that will update on Friday. This story is about a Supernatural hospital for vampires, werewolves, etc., This arc will be about the vampires and their daily life in the new Supernatural city of Detroit, my hometown. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Vampire Organ Donating Hospital!

If you want to become a vampire come here and we’ll take your organs then we’ll change you. Because a human needs those organs more than you do. It’s a very simple procedure. We put you on life support, take your organs, and turn you into a vampire. Now we have fresh organs that will help people.

Tired of those kidneys? Don’t want your liver anymore? Well come to our happy establishment to rid yourself of those soon to be useless organs on your journey to immortality.

Friendly, happy, and well trained staff who cares!

Complimentary blood bank available after transformation!

We take lungs, kidneys, plasma, bone marrow, and any other organ you don’t want anymore!

Our highly trained staff will make sure that your journey is safe and as pain free as possible.

You’re saving lives on your way to immortality

Remember we kill because we care.