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Hello! Welcome to my blog! My name is P.L.Black, Penelope works fine too. Glad you found your way over here I have a couple of things that might interest you. If you like stories, you’re in luck I have many! I’m a writer and there’s nothing I love more than coming up with worlds or situations to put my characters in. If you’re interested here my serial fiction I’m also featured at Jukepop under the same name. It has a lot of good stories too!

If you’re not looking for fiction or you’d like to see something else I post about my college experience on Monday, stories that started my journey towards serial fiction on Wednesday, and my fan hobbies on Friday. They’re right here if you’d like to see them.

If that’s not your thing and you’d like to talk sure! Drop me a line at I can be found at too. If you like to talk don’t hesitate to drop me a line!


Enjoy you stay!

Fiction: Bummer Summer


Hello! We’re here at another End of the Month fiction post! Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to write the next chapter of New Home like I wanted to, but there is always the next month! So we’ll see what happens then, for now we’re going to continue with Sam and Ed while they were children. This piece is about how Ed feels while he’s on vacation which can follow up Sam’s story: Bored. I hope everyone has a good month! Now onto the story!

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Fiction: Bored


Hello! Here we are at another end of month post! I think next month I’m going to do another piece that features Cass and her childhood, but for now I’m going to do another one about Sam. Reading over these little pieces is easing me back into everything. The goal for April is to have a chapter out for the main universe! Until then, here’s a piece about Sam’s summer while Ed went on vacation. Enjoy!

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Fiction: Making use of a Good Thing


Hello everyone! I nearly forgot that it’s the last day of February because of the short month >< Good thing I checked the calendar and remembered the date! Okay now we’re going to be visiting Albert again! I started talking about him and he does make appearances in Daniel and Cass’ story since he’s a necromancer trying to bring back the good name of necromancy. Now before we begin Albert does have a boyfriend. I didn’t know how people would react to reading it without being told first, but he does and he’s a demon. He’s actually Bernard Winchester’s son a demon that is responsible for building Detroit back in the settings of both New Home and Second Chances. I hope you’ll enjoy Albert as much as me. Enjoy!

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Fiction: A Companion

6882092-men-holding-the-word-fiction-concept-3d-illustrationHello! We’re back with another piece of end of month fiction! We’re back to Samuel, the human who can see faeries. This piece introduces Edward, a boy who becomes very important to Sam’s life. I’m trying to figure out the updates for New Home and Second Chances since I want to get back to them now that school is over. Maybe a monthly update of New Home would be good, but I can always have monthly Sam and Ed posts too if that works! I would love to know! Well here’s when Sam met Ed. Enjoy! Oh here’s the first part: Gift or Curse

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Fiction: Career Choices

6882092-men-holding-the-word-fiction-concept-3d-illustrationHello! Here I am with an end of the year fiction post. This one is about Albert Silver, he’s one of the main Necromancers on Daniel’s team. Daniel, is Cass’ older brother and a Necromancer like her. He decided to continue trying to spread the good name among all the people who wanted it gone. Albert is a talented Necromancer and he wants to join the department. Albert will be making appearances in New Home too. Here’s a story about him. Enjoy! Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

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Happy New Year everyone!


Can you believe that it’s the end of the year already? Man, it’s so strange sometimes how time can just go by before you know it! Now that we’re almost in 2017 there are some things I’m very proud of this year:

  • I graduated from college. (Man this was super hard, but I’m so glad that I was able to do it!)
  • Write more. It’s been more fanfics than my original stories, I’m still going to count it though.
  • I finally got a car and I can drive everywhere I want now. Though I still have to get better at it.
  • Mended the relationship with my family. I’m really happy about this one I thought I would have to cut contact with them when I did.
  • I even got a job! I had to quit though, but this showed me that I can get one.

Other than that I’ve been working more on my mental health. I think I’ve been doing much better with it too. I don’t get as anxious as I used to or as depressed either.

Overall 2016 is ending on a high note!

I hope that it’s ending on a high note for you too.


I hope that 2017 will be a good one for you too!

Fiction: Gift or Curse


Hello! We’re back with another end of month fiction piece! This one is from the same universe as New Home and Second Chances Hospital, this focuses on Sam. He’s a human that has the power to see faeries and talk with them too. I’m going to write more about him and his life a bit later, but for now I’m going to post a piece about Sam talking about his gift. He doesn’t really have a problem with it and I can’t wait to explore more about his life and how faeries play out in it. Enjoy!

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